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Podcast Show - 7/12/2017

Produced by Andrew Sayers
 & Clare Williamson
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Bennelong By-Election_Australian Peoples Party Candidate_James Platter - Unknown Artist
Bureau of Meteorology Cliamte Outlook_Climate Prediction Manager_Felicity Gamble - Unknown Artist
Author_A matter of life and death_Rosalind Bradley - Unknown Artist

Today we hear from:

1. We continued reaching out to local candidates for
the show's coverage of the Bennelong By-Election.
Today we receive an independent perspective
from Australian People's Party candidate James
Platter. The opinions expressed by the candidate
in this interview do not necessarily reflect the views
of 2RRR or Let's Get Local.

2. Plus what's in store for Australia's summer outlook? 
We found out with the Bureau of Meteorology's Climate Prediction Manager Felicity Gamble.

3. Also, "A matter of life and death," is the name of a
book 2RRR's Clare Willamson found out about with
author Rosland Bradley. 

Copyright © 7/12/2017 Andrew Sayers

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