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Podcast Show - 28/02/2019

Produced by Clare Williamson, Michael El-Bacha & Andrew Sayers.
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1. Coming out with courage_Tanya Saad -
2. Billionaire Boy_Performer_Nicholas Starte -
3. The shape of the Milky Way_Astrophysicist & University Professor_Richard De Grijs -

On Let’s Get Local this morning:

1. As part of Australia's awareness day for breast cancer, we had the courageous Ambassador of Breast Reconstruction Awareness TANYA SAAD. 

2. NICHOLAS STARTE plays 12-year-old boy Joe Spud in David Walliams comedy play "Billionaire Boy." 

3. Plus, an impressive discovery about the shape of the Milky Way with one of the Astrophysicists and Macquarie University Professor Dr RICHARD DE GRIJS.

Copyright Andrew Sayers 28/02/2019

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