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Podcast Show - 04/04/2019

Produced by Clare Williamson, Michael
El-Bacha & Andrew Sayers.
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1. Sydney Comedy Festival Comedian_Ivan Aristeguieta -
2. New Release Lets Get Lost_Jackson Parfitt -
3. 2RRR Radio Course_Steve Ahern -

On Let's Get Local this morning:

1. Ahead of the Sydney Comedy Festival comedian IVAN ARISTEGUIETA tells us about his life in comedy.

2.  The youngest contestant from 2018's The Voice Australia, singer JACKSON PARFITT reveals his brand new single 'Let's Get Lost'.

3. Plus, 2RRR's radio course is coming up in May. We explore the man behind the lectures radio Trainer/Assessor STEVE AHERN.

Copyright Andrew Sayers 04/04/2019

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