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Podcast Show - 07/02/2019

Produced by Clare Williamson, Andrew Sayers & Michael El-Bacha.
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1. The Monologue Adventure_Director_Lliane Clarke -
2. Singer & Songwriter Sarah Jane Yagki & Guitarist Adrian Natoli -
3. Capturing amazing moments_Photographer_Ann-Marie Callihanna -

On Let’s Get Local this morning:

1. Woman's stories brought to life by actors in The Monologue Adventure directed by LLIANE CLARKE.

2. Singer and Songwriter SARAH JANE YAGKI & Guitarist ADRIAN NATOLI reveal their sound as they perform live in the studio.

3. Capturing amazing moments in the LGBTI Community with Photographer ANN-MARIE CALILHANNA

Copyright Andrew Sayers 07/02/2019

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