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Podcast Show - 11/04/2019

Produced by Michael El-Bacha, Clare Williamson & Andrew Sayers.
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1. Catching up with performer_Carina Grace -
2. Media Psychology_Lia Crowley_Andy Park, Sue Langley & Andrew Sayers -
3. Bus Vipers_Artist_Daniel Ahern -
Let's Get Local Finale -

On Let's Get Local this morning:

1. Catching up with CARINA GRACE after her breathraking performance on the 2RRR Cruise.

2.  Getting to know the musician, lawyer, communicator and FBi Radio Program DANIEL AHERN.

3. Plus, Media Psychology. It features commercial producer LIA CROWLEY, ABC Current Affairs presenter ANDY PARK and an expert on neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology SUE LANGLEY.

Copyright Andrew Sayers 11/04/2019

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