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Meet The Team


Who are responsible for putting together, editing and recording the radio show


Andrew Sayers

Andrew Sayers is a multi-skilled professional in the broadcast media industry. With over five years of media experience, his skills range from Producing, Camera Operation, Journalism to even Lighting and Sound design.


After gaining an incredible amount of knowledge about News, Current Affairs as well as Commercial Radio, he's gone the next best thing of creating the radio show "Let's Get Local." The show appears on 2-Ryde Regional Radio (2RRR) between 9:00-10:00 a.m. on Thursdays.

Clare Williamson

"It truly is a joy to be working with Andrew and Michael. I have swapped being behind the mic to being in front of it and am having fun meeting inspiring people and sharing their stories!


Clare Williamson loves community and is always up for a chat! What better place to be other than being part of the Let’s Get Local team? She is an experienced media professional having worked on ABC TV for most of her career as a Director and Editor in News/Current affairs. Plus she's been involved in documentary film making as well as having written and produced her own short film comedy.

Michael El-Bacha

Michael has had quite an impressive media career having written a memoir based on his sexuality called 'Oh My God! Am I Alright? Plus he has also taken on a small acting career, that's led him to work with actors such as Kylie Minogue having debuted in the film “Karmafied.


In 2017, he pursued a presenting position in radio with a show called Radioactive and moved onto reporting for Let’s Get Local this year. There is also interest in turning Michael's book into a screenplay which is in its 3rd draft stage.  Plus he was nominated for the 2018 Australian LGBTI Awards for his bravery sharing his story. 

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