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Podcast Show - 31/01/2019

Produced by Clare Williamson,& Michael El-Bacha & Andrew Sayers.
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1. Les Divas_Performer_Prada Clutch -
2. The Combination Redemption_Writer_Actor & Director_George Basha -
3. Skin Prevention Manager_Liz King_Sun Smart Protection -

On Let’s Get Local this morning:

1. Spectacular Star and Performer PRADA CLUTCH from the review, "Les Divas."

2. Celebrating the release of "The Combination Redemption," on February 7th with Director, Writer and Actor GEORGE BASHA.

3. Plus, the importance of caring for your skin during our particular hot summer with Skin Protection Manager from the Cancer Council LIZ KING.

Copyright Andrew Sayers 31/01/2019

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