Podcast Show - 29/02/2018

Produced by Andrew Sayers,
Clare Williamson & Michael El-Bacha
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Division level_International Speech Contestant_Johnny Manolelis - Unknown Artist
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Meditation_Spiritual Teacher_Shakti Durga - Unknown Artist
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Singing Star Search Winner_Jenna Woolley - Unknown Artist
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Today we hear from:

1. An experienced speaker in Toastmasters Johnny
Manolelis. His speech about "conquering your
fears," is now being delivered at the state level in        the International Speech Contest.

2. Singing Star Search Competition Winner Jenna      Woolley, tells us about her love for singing.
Plus, what's in store for her future.

3. Well known Spiritual Teacher Shakti Durga on the 
life benefits of meditation and how she got into it!

Copyright © 29/2/2018 Andrew Sayers