Podcast Show - 23/08/2018

Produced by Clare Williamson, Andrew Sayers & Michael El-Bacha
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Exploring the life of_Vocalist_Alejandra Blandino -
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Contaminated Waste at Nelson Perade_Hunters Hill Environment Action Group_Treasurer Ian Horton -
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Comedy Series Shaz and Tina_Nisirine Amine & Lisa Robinson -
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1. We found out about some of the talents of vocalist ALEJANDRA BLANDINO.

2. Also, Nelson Parade in Hunters Hill has been a contamination concern for residents. We get an update with Hunters Hill Environmental Action Group Treasurer IAN HORTON.

3. Plus, the Besties from the Westies, Shaz & Tina. It's a web series played by LISA ROBINSON and NISRINE AMINE. 

Copyright Andrew Sayers 23/08/2018