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Podcast Show - 22/3/2018

Produced by Andrew Sayers,
Clare Williamson & Michael El-Bacha
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0:01 Producer and Director_Amy Tuxworth_Short Film, Silenced - Unknown Artist
12:28 International Women's Day_Ryde Woman of the Year_Helen James - Unknown Artist
6:57 Tackling Youth Unemployment in Ryde_Mayor_Jerome Laxale - Unknown Artist

Today we hear from:

1. "Silenced," is a short film about Islamophobia that
the Director/Producer Amy Tuxworth is working on.

2. We celebrated the fact that Helen James is the
Woman of the Year for Ryde. She's been
acknowledged for her work in the area of Dementia. 

3. Plus, we find out how to tackle the challenge of
Youth Unemployment with Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale.

Copyright © 22/3/2018 Andrew Sayers

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