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Podcast Show - 19/07/2018

Produced by Andrew Sayers, Clare Williamson & Michael El-Bacha
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Local_Muaythai boxer_Yolanda Springbok Schmidt -
The Life of an Author_Pamela Hart - Unknown Artist
Musicians_Michael and Loraine Wilks -

Today we listen back to stories such as:

1. Gladesville's YOLANDA SPRINGBOK SCHMIDT tells us about her incredible record having taken on a Muaythai kickboxer career.

2. We explore the life of Sydney author PAMELA HART who's written an incredible 30 books. She's also working on another four at the moment.

3. Plus, a new story with Musicians MICHAEL and LORAINE WILKS about their new EP "New Direction."

Copyright Andrew Sayers 19/07/2018

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