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Podcast Show - 15/11/2018

Produced by Clare Williamson, Andrew Sayers & Michael El-Bacha
1. Trans Day Of Remembrance_Katherine Wolfgramme -
2. Battery Cages_RSPCA Veterinarian_Jade Norris -
3. An update from Voice Contestant_Leo Abisaab & Guitarist Keiren Lovett -

1. A Leader of change KATHERINE WOLFGRAMME speaking on the importance of Trans Day Of Remembrance. 

Today on Let's Get Local! We had:

2. An update on a recent story about Battery Cages with RSPCA Veterinarian JADE NORRIS.

3. Plus we get the latest by Voice Contestant Leo Abisaab with an exceptional acoustic performance with Guitarist KIEREN LOVETT. 

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Copyright Andrew Sayers 15/11/2018

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