Podcast Show - 14/12/2017

Produced by Andrew Sayers,
Clare Williamson & Michael El-Bacha
11:21 Liberal Candidate_John Alexander_Bennelong By-Election - Unknown Artist
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8:34 Preparing foods for Christmas_William Angus Institue_Trainer Assessor Commercial Cookery Hospitality Tourism and Events - Unknown Artist
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8:23 Pets and handling heat stress_Veterinarian at RSPCA_Dr Jade Norris - Unknown Artist
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Today we hear from:

1. We finished off the show's Bennelong By-Election
coverage with Liberal Candidate John Alexander. 

The opinions expressed by the candidate in this       
interview do not necessarily reflect the views of
2RRR or Let's Get Local.

2. We learnt about preparing and cooking Christmas
foods for the big day with Trainer Assessor
Commerical Cookery, Hospitality, Tourism &
Events person at William Angus Institute Paul

3. Plus we talked about helping our pets handle the
warm temperatures with Veterinarian from the
RSPCA Dr Jade Norris.

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