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Podcast Show - 13/09/2018

Produced by Andrew Sayers, Clare Williamson & Michael El-Bacha
1. Paul Schroden Teacher at William Angus Institute Kingfish -
2.History of Migrating to Australia Fashion Designer Claudia Chan Shaw rack -
3. The era of 90s hits_Singer_Mary Kiani_18 -

On today's show:

1. We'll have a taste of Kingfish with regular Chef, Trainer and Assessor at William Angus Institute PAUL SCHRODER.

2. The story behind Fashion Designer CLAUDIA CHAN SHAW and her family's move to Australia.

3. Plus, music icon and star MARY KIANI! From the early 90's tells us about her early start in the music scene.

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Copyright Andrew Sayers 13/09/2018

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