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Podcast Show - 09/08/2018

Produced by Clare Williamson, Andrew Sayers, Michael El-Bacha
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Deputy CEO of Planet Ark_Rebecca Gilling_Follow up on National Tree Day -
Lebanese Film Festival_Co-Director_Jessica Khoury -
Director of the Board Enterprise International Association_Paul Savage_Upcoming Doco Rainbow Rising -

This morning on LET'S GET LOCAL

1. We explore the importance of tree planting with Planet Ark's very own Deputy CEO, REBECCA GILLING.

2. LGBTQI activist PAUL SAVAGE and speaks about upcoming Documentary "Rainbow Rising." It explores the sexual identity of people with multi-cultural backgrounds. 

3. Plus, we get a snapshot of some of the films featuring in this year's Lebanese Film Festival with Co-Director JESSICA KHOURY.

Copyright Andrew Sayers 09/08/2018

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