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Podcast Show - 07/06/2018

Produced by Michael El-Bacha, Andrew Sayers,& Clare Williamson
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DEBUT EP Life_S3 Saba Brothers_Musicians Raymond_Nathan and Steven -
Cooking Segment_Making warm Winter foods_Teacher at Angus William Institute -
The life of Radio Presenter & Author_Michael El-Basca -

On the show this morning:

1. The incredibly talented S3 Saba Brothers (Raymond, Nathan & Steven) with the official release of their new EP "Life."

2. What would we do without winter foods? William Angus Institute teacher, Paul Schroder talks on warming up with soups.

3. Plus, a Let’s Get Local exclusive! Radio Presenter and Author Michael El-Bacha revealing his intriguing and life challenging story. 

Copyright Andrew Sayers 07/06/2018

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