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Podcast Show - 27/09/2018

Produced by Clare Williamson, Andrew Sayers & Michael El-Bacha
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1. Swim Safety_Learn 2 Swim Ambassador_Laurie Lawrence -
2. Our recent Winter and Autumn outlook_Climatologist_Felicity Gamble -
3. Exploring the life of world class Performer & Entertainer_Chris Kamikazi Merriman - Unknown Artist

This morning we had:

1. Learn 2 Swim Ambassador LAURIE LAWERENCE  speaks about safety and free swimming lessons for kiddies as the school holidays approach!

2. We hear from Climatologist from the Bureau of Meteorology, FELICITY GAMBLE. She gives an update on our recent winter and the forecast ahead for the next few months. Less rainfall off WA and the East Coast is expected.

3. Also, we hear about the career of world-renowned breakdancer, parkour and acrobatic entertainer CHRIS KAMIKAZI MERRIMAN. 

Copyright Andrew Sayers 27/09/2018

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