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Podcast Show - 30/08/2018

Produced by Andrew Sayers, Michael El-Bacha & Clare Williamson,
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Getting Distracted_Marie Antoinette Helou -
empowerment_solidarity & overcoming obsticles_LGBTQI Intergender Trans-Activist_Siemonne Lansdowne -
Lemonjuice_Singer Songwiter & Musician_Glenn Bidmead -

This morning we had:

1. Comedian and Soul Specialist, MARIE ANTOINETTE HELOU gets "easily distracted," speaking on her upcoming show for the Comedy Fringe Festival.

2. The driving force behind SIEMONNE LANSDOWNE who's overcome many obstacles being an LGBTQI Inter gender Trans-Activist. 

3. Plus, LEMONJUICE! Exploring fun song names with Singer/Songwriter and Musician, GLENN BIDMEAD!

Copyright Andrew Sayers 30/08/2018

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