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Podcast Show - 07/06/2018

Produced by Michael El-Bacha, Clare Williamson & Andrew Sayers
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When Michael met Kylie Minogue -
Teach a Man to Fish Documentary_TV Producer_Film Maker & Director_Grant Saunders -
Bus Vipers_Multi-Instrumentalist_Daniel AhernDocumentary_TV Producer_Film Maker & Director_Grant Saunders -
Getting to know our local Hunters Hill Councilor_Zac Miles -

Do you like fishing? well, Filmmaker and Director GRANT SAUNDERS made a feature-length documentary “Teach a man to fish,” playing at the Sydney Film Festival.

Also, Steve Ahern who we spoke to last week has a multi-talented son who's an instrumentalist and producer. DANIEL AHERN aka BUS VIPERS speaks on a recent piece he created "Federal Highway," and about his work at FBI radio.

Plus, we get to know a little bit more about one of our local Hunters Hill Councillor ZAC MILES. Plus some of the latest in Political news.

Copyright Andrew Sayers 31/05/2018

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