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Writer_Nisrine Amine_Short Film Apricot - Unknown Artist
Author_RB Clague_Whitefella Dreaming_Whitefella Dreaming - Unknown Artist
12:44 Skin Prevention Manager_Liz King_Sun Smart Protection - Unknown Artist

Today we hear from:

1. Apricot is a heartfelt short Film dedicated to writer
Nisrine Amine's grandmother. The film featured at
the Flickerfest Film Festival.

Podcast Show - 18/1/2018

Produced by Andrew Sayers,
Clare Williamson & Michael El-Bacha
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2. "Whitefella Dreaming," is an exciting Dreamtime
style adventure novel set in the Australian outback
written by Indigenous Author RB Clague.

3. Plus a reminder of Sun Smart protection with Skin
Prevention Manager Liz King from the Cancer

Copyright © 18/01/2018 Andrew Sayers

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