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Podcast Show - 06/12/2018

Produced by Clare Williamson, Andrew Sayers & Michael El-Bacha
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1. what salvos are doing this festive season_Leader at Ivanhoe Estate_Nathan Moulds -
2. One of Australia's Happiest places to live_Ku-Rin-Gai Mayor_Jennifer Anderson -
3. Pushing boundaries of musical genres_Singer and Artist_Alejandra Blandino -

This morning:

1. The Leader of Ivanhoe Estate NATHAN MOULDS gives an update on his recent work and how the Salvation Army is getting ready for Xmas. 

2. We explore the factors that make Koo-Rin-Gai residents one of the happiest with the local Mayor of that area JENNIFER ANDERSON.

3. Plus, the ways Singer and Songwriter ALEJANDRA BLANDINO is pushing musical boundaries.

Copyright Andrew Sayers 06/12/2018

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